How To Learn Docker Step by Step?

It was a Question in My Mind How To Learn Docker Step by Step? And Then I Though Let’s Do It and Look for Methods which will Help Me Understanding the Concept of Docker.

I have started a YouTube Playlist on Docker and Weekly Basis I will Add Docker Video in that Section and Also Building A Course on Docker which will Live Next Month.

How To Learn Docker Step by Step

Does it a New Virtualization product … but the Amazing Thing is This Docker is an Open Source Product

Let’s Know What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of software applications inside containers by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of OS-level virtualization on Linux. But here is a catch its not only for Linux it can be used on Windows Servers As well. Recent Servers Version OS Windows Server 2016 does support Docker and Its containers

How To Learn Docker Step by Step?

That’s a mouthful. In simpler words, Docker is a tool that allows developers, sys-admins etc. to easily deploy their applications in a sandbox (called containers) to run on the host operating system i.e. Linux. The key benefit of Docker is that it allows users to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardised unit for software development. Unlike virtual machines, containers do not have the high overhead and hence enable more efficient usage of the underlying system and resources.

What are containers?

The industry standard today is to use Virtual Machines (VMs) to run software applications. VMs run applications inside a guest Operating System, which runs on virtual hardware powered by the server’s host OS.

VMs are great at providing full process isolation for applications: there are very few ways a problem in the host operating system can affect the software running in the guest operating system, and vice-versa. But this isolation comes at great cost — the computational overhead spent virtualizing hardware for a guest OS to use is substantial.

Containers take a different approach: by leveraging the low-level mechanics of the host operating system, containers provide most of the isolation of virtual machines at a fraction of the computing power.

Now in this Below Video, You Will See How to Install and Configure Docker in Ubuntu 16.04

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