Today I would like to discuss about a technology which is great for Learning “Lernstift” This is an innovative product start-up by a German Developer.

Lernstift (German for Learning Pen) is a digital pen with a difference; it’s not only carrying ink inside its casing a tiny computer that alerts users to spell errors, isn’t amazing

At this moment Lernstifit has two major features as Calligraphy mode and Orthography mode.


Calligraphy Mode: In Calligraphy Mode the pen vibrates once if a letter is written wrong or illegibly.


Orthography mode: In Orthography Mode the pen vibrates once for a misspelled word and twice to point out grammatical errors in a sentence.


The AAA battery-powered Linux computer includes a vibration module and a patent pending non-optical motion sensor which recognizes specific movements and shapes of letters and words.


It’s written in the air …

The first digital pen that works without paper!

All digital pens that are currently available require paper or a solid writing pad. Or they use “external movement sensors“ to register the pen’s movements.

Lernstift works differently. Its special motion sensor technology is patent pending.

The pen recognizes words, gestures and symbols, even if you only “draw them in the air”. This opens up all new possibilities for white boarding applications.

You could even write text messages using Lernstift instead of dealing with T9 and small touchscreen keys …

Lernstift – Click Here


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