MVN Education is known as best CBSE School in Faridabad, this is what people look at MVN School is well known and reputed School in Faridabad, Haryana, India.

If I am being a parent of my child I would like choose for a best school like MVN School (MVN Education) but when I heard about information which rolling around in Faridabad as MVN School over charged fees to parents and parents has started MVN Parents Association fight against it.

As the MVN School Fee Structure should be according to CBSE rules and guidelines but in this case they are not and they are frequently hiking in Fee Structures put Parents in this situation.

MVN Education

Image Courtesy: Faridabad Metro 17th Aug 2012

Why MVN Parents Association formed?

MVN School Parents Welfare Association is group of like-minded people fighting for a dignified cause and I would say this sort of action is required everywhere when we feel there is some unlawful act is going on. Education is been the Backbone of India’s future and there should not be this sort of occurrence to anyone.

MVN Parents Association Mission

To safe guard the interest of the Parents against commercialization of education in the hands of un-aided private schools in Faridabad like MVN School.

MVN Parents Association Vision

Their vision is to get due attention of the Govt Authorities in creating a body to regulate the fee structure of unaided private schools.

MVN Parents Association Strategy

Creating a platform for un-aided private school parents to raise their concern and join hands against the exploitation in the hands of un-aided private schools authorities

Providing opportunity for Parents and MVN School Authorities to get aligned and work together to provide quality education.

I would like to support this good cause which was took from MVN Parents Association – Best of Luck

Visit : MVN Parents Association Join their Facebook Page : MVN Parents Association (FB)



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