At last we found a place where we can put our all Trainings its Skillshare. We are Now at SkillShare – Get Premium Subscription for 0.99 Cents for 3 Months. You can get more than 10,000 Course from well-reputed Instructors on Skillshare.

Free Training : Skillshare – Windows Cluster

Paid Training : How to Get IT Job in Windows Server 2012 – 4 Hours Course

Why Skillshare?

All of our Trainings at one place and its easy manage and we can great audience to achieve our goals.

Skillshare allows anyone to teach a class — and make money while doing so. Users choose to learn topics in five main categories at very little cost: creative arts, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and technology.

Skillshare, an online marketplace for learning and teaching, is entering its second year with momentum.

“Skillshare is nothing without its community, which is why social aspects like endorsements and student-led study groups are so crucial,” Cheskis-Gold says. “The best learning experiences are meaningful and collaborative, and that happens when people learn together with others who share their passions and when teachers constantly improve.”

If you need the  Get Premium Subscription for 0.99 Cents for 3 Months.

What’s New in Skillshare?

Now I am also working lots of Interesting Courses, which you will love it. This Month few of them are in pipeline as below

  • How to Take Backup and Restore of Your VPS Servers – Remote Directory for Free
  • Day to Day Tasks with Powershell
  • How to Create and Setup Your Virtual Private Servers for Hosting with Virtualmin

Lots more to come this Year you must make sure you follow me on Skill Share now and Get Premium Subscription for 0.99 Cents for 3 Months.

Allways you can get back to me and let me know anything specific you have in your mind and you want me to set it up for you.

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