Do you ever feel annoyed when your internet data-plan runs even before you realize it? It’s a universal feeling which makes us feel handicapped in the hands of technology. It’s not annoying but fast-consuming internet plans slows down work and private life. But, not anymore.

Opera Max

Opera Software, the Norwegian company, brings Opera Max – to maximize the potential of your data plan. Opera Software has more than 10 years of experience in research and development of technology catering to data-compression.

Opera Max

Opera has successfully launched Opera Mini, an Android data-compression app for browsers. Opera Mini is loved by 250+ million users across the globe. It is fast, stable, simple and helps users to cut-down on cost by 90% with its data- compression technology. With a user rating of 4.5 in the app store, this app offers superior performance and has been updated to fix all bug issues. The app is free to install. It can be downloaded from the Google store, easily and quickly.

Opera max is a free and robust Android app designed to compress data across apps. Opera Max is a succession of the offering after Opera Mini, which compressed data across browsers. As more and more users are engaged with apps Opera Max is a welcome relief.

Opera Max

Why Opera Max?

We live in a fast paced world where data in the form of content, images and videos is exchanged at lightning speeds. You might not want to be stuck downloading a video or exchanging an important image file.

Opera Max increases the capacity of your internet data plan by almost 50%. This is an innovative step in itself as it renders more capability letting you to work faster and better.

How Opera Max does that?

Once you download and install the app in your smartphone it starts to compress data (video, images and content). The compressed data is re-directed to the Opera Max cloud through a VPN.

This one-of-its kind data savings-app compresses video, images and content running in your apps. This gives you access to a lot of free-app data. Video compression functionality allows you to see more from YouTube, Instagram and vine videos.

Opera Max displays how much data is consumed by different apps running in your Android smartphone. App data-consumption is listed monthly. You get an exact picture of how your apps are consuming data in totality.

The Opera Advantage

The best thing about having Opera Max in your mobile is that it lets you download more videos faster without consuming too much of your data-plan. The app is available on Google Play. To download the app users in Norway, Europe and U.S need Android 4.0 or higher. As of now the app is available for customers in Western Europe and U.S.

The Good News!

The good thing is that every 15 seconds the line is moving up fast to give full access of Opera Max to user who tested the version. Users are informed of their turn via their phone. Easily surf and save tons of data in less time.

Sergey Lossev, Product Head at Opera, says, that Opera Max is the best data-compressing app of today which wisely compress data across apps and browsers. Opera Max Beta is available for users in Norway, U.S and Europe who had already registered for it. By mid 2014, Opera Max will be released for most countries.

Opera Max is available for phones and not tablets. Users must keep checking for new updates rolling down soon. To address urgent queries you may even join the ‘Opera Max Beta for U.S only’ community on Google+ to get instant technical help from the Opera community.

Download Opera Max from PlayStore


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