Roopal MehtaQuick Heal Blogging Mistakes I shouldn’t have made which i would like to share Today with you all – I am self-confessed writing enthusiast. I love writing so much that it is almost oxygen to me. I have indulged in all forms of writing whether it is technical, non-technical, creative, fiction, web content, blogging, you name it and I have done it.

I started blogging about three to four years back. It is fun, engaging and as a writer  gives you a deep sense of emotional-release. In my quest, I have discovered that  blogging is more than just thought-sharing.

Well, blogging is a public platform to shout out your lungs to complete strangers,  hoping they would care. It is absolutely not a platform to boost your ego and spill  the dirty beans around. There is more to it. It is a simple, intuitive and direct form  of thought-liberation medium devised for the thought-leaders.

Just like the child who is learning to walk my first steps at blogging were not so fruitful and some even disastrous.

It’s not for Selfies!

I wrote too much without much analysis. I gave away too much personal information. I was sharing too much of my personal-self in public. Never must anyone do that. As a responsible blogger feel free to express ideas, stay opinionated!

However, don’t give away too much because the world out there seeks knowledge and good-will. Not many are interested in the number of break-ups you have or how you treat your cat daily?

Do not Serve too much!

Well, I belong to a mixed cultural background. I can speak three or four languages. As a habit, I wrote my blog articles in English though with words sprinkled from different languages.

Initially, I was happy I could do it. Only later, I got to know that my audience were either confused or were finding it difficult to interact with me on my blog posts. This is heart-breaking for any writer.

Know your Guests!

As a newbie blogger I intended to write for everyone out there with an internet connection. This is a silly thing to do. Whether you post daily or once a while must address a niche.

Either have a constant theme flowing in all your posts or create sections to accommodate a bouquet of sorts. This practise helped me to gather more audience and at same time broadened my writing abilities.

It’s not a Thesis!

Being a writer, I have hundreds of thoughts running across my mind when I see a blank piece of paper. This is good as long as don’t get over-worked about any post. Keep your posts crisp, simple and to-the-point. Do not beat about the bush too much.

As a good practise you can add references or add hyperlinks for elaborate topics. The bottom line is – KISS (Keep It Short Stupid). Your blog post is not a P.H.E.D research, after all.

Give & Receive Value!

I write for the joy of writing, for the sheer joy of communication my inner thoughts and ideas. As a blogger, I realized that my writing must be readable and impactful. It must take the reader from their present zone to a world I want them to be in, with me.

As Einstein rightly quoted, “Imagination takes you places.” Do the same with your posts. Add value, empower and enlighten your readers. Give them food for thought. Help them make choices and never forget to delight them.

In The End

Throw yourself to your audience. Trust me, the more honest and open you are, the more they will find you Real. Do not fake or put up a persona for instant gratification. Leave that up to the celebs.

Find your voice and convey it in the most realistic and charming of manners. Be inviting, exciting and innovative in your thought process. Till then, Happy Blogging!