You want buy online product? Snapdeal Review – Beware choosing Snapdeal as we are going to share the real truth about snapdeal and its services with you.

This is not been limited to certain products like laptop – we have shared a real event about Snapdeal Review – Do Not Buy Laptop from Snapdeal – Snapdeal Review in which we have shared an experience about a normal citizen who purchased Laptop and Snapdeal provided unfaithful services to him.

Snapdeal Review – A Real Fact which you must know

Think twice before you go for Snapdeal to purchase gifts for your loved ones. Today’s Real Fact About – Urmila Kamboj who has ordered from Snapdeal as all peoples were getting attracted to their promotions which is been held by Snapdeal.

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

On 20th October 2014 – she has placed an order (order ID: 3270536428) “Kunka Black & White Divine Dinner Set Of 41 Pcs” with standard delivery with a promotional code: KITCHEN25. And when we purchase any product we get very concern about delivery of the product and always egger to get the product as soon as possible but they have shared the delivery date will be On or Before Oct 23, 2014.


Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

These dates are shared by Snapdeal and what to expect from them they changed their commitment – they refreshed their date to 1st Nov 2014 with intimating us. This is Great Services from Snapdeal and that’s why we want to share this you all.

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

That is not all friends the Our item “Kunka Black & White Divine Dinner Set Of 41 Pcs” came broken and we have to do another follow up with them to get a replacement.

Complaint sent to Snapdeal

We would like to bring to your attention with order no. 3270536428 and complaint no. 11321045.

I ordered a 41pcs of dinner set on 20th of October and received a confirmation email with the estimated delivery date as 29th of October. Later, when I tracked my order after a couple of days, I was disappointed to see that the delivery date has been changed to 4th of November without any notification sent to me.

Today, the product was delivered with less number of pieces and many broken. Here are the points I would like to highlight:

1. Delivery date extended without any notification. 2. 41pcs of dinner set ordered and received 40pcs. One piece less than the ordered. 3. Received pieces contain – 1 BROKEN Bowl, 3 BROKEN Small Plates, 1 BROKEN Big Plate.

This is really an embarassing experience for me as I ordered this product as a gift for someone thinking Snapdeal would bring some wonderful moments in my life but this has turned out to be the most pathetic one.

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

Snapdeal Review – Get the Real truth

I would like to escalate this to the highest level at Snapdeal and I will make sure that this is circulated to the general public as much as possible so people like me do not get fooled by the promises and promotions made by Snapdeal.

Snapdeal Complainant Letter Ends Here

I would like you to share you feedback and views on this in the comment section and do share this to others


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