This is getting fast and now Ubuntu Forums Hacked and attackers stolen 1.8 million user accounts…

Every user’s local username, password, and email address [were stolen] from the Ubuntu Forums database’ Canonical say in a statement posted on the website, adding that while the ‘passwords (stolen) are not stored in plain text’ those who use the same password on other services should ‘change the password on the other service[s] ASAP

Please note Ubuntu One and Launchpad are not affected by the breach

Ubuntu Forums Hacked Report

Reports of the forums being ‘defaced’ surfaced on late Saturday (July 20th). The main page was redirected to that of an image touting a twitter account – @Spuntn1k_ – and text that read: “You dun goofed, it’s as simple as that”.

Early Twitter accounts of the hack say that an unspecified music track was also played when accessing the homepage.

Ubuntu Forums Hacked

Above Image picked from OMG Ubuntu

So how did this happen? That’s the question Canonical will be trying to find out as soon as possible.

But as of now we have the information from the web research that ….

The forum was running an outdated version of vBulletin [without] admin panel protection.

This all have been a bad patch which I believe peoples are need to jump in to the forum and change their passwords as Ubuntu Forums Hacked. Not easy for us all – I don’t know when these things will be stopped…..


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