We will see How to unzip 1of2 in Windows? Its easy just you need to run a simple command from command line.

What is 1Of2 file extension?

1Of2 file extension is used by Symantec for package download images as they are split into parts, as the download images are large in size. So its easy when you download from Symantec File Connect in Split format. And when you want use it you just need to merge them as ZIP format in Windows.

Lets see How to unzip 1of2 in Windows?

I have downloaded 1Of2 files from Symantec File Connect for Symantec Netbackup 7.5 and before use this we need to merge these files.

unzip 1of2 in windowsOpen a command prompt

unzip 1of2 in windows

Run a Command as [ copy /b “Netbackup_7.5_Win_zip.1of2″+”Netbackup_7.5_Win_zip.2of2” “Netbackup_7.5_Win.zip”]

Above command described as { copy /b “Filename 01″+”Filename 02” “New File Name in ZIP format”}

unzip 1of2 in windows

After executing the command you can see its merged to files into 1 File

unzip 1of2 in windowsYou are done now you can use this zip file – you just need to unzip your file and use it



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