This is a product from Symantec which works on to provide High Availability of the Data, In the Industry Availability of Data is crucial, so I also liked Symantec Solutions as I have good Hands on in the Live environment.

Solutions that I have worked on are Veritas Backup Exec, Veritas Netbackup, Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Cluster Server.

Today we will specifically discuss about Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

This is a Storage Virtualization Product, which work in top of Logical Disk Management (LDM). This is an enterprise level product and it’s became very popular in the industry because it over comes so many limitation of LDM.

I have started working on SFW 3.1 and since then Symantec has done so many enhancement, now version 3.x and 4.3 are obsolete from Symantec and we are working SFW 5.1 but the latest launch is 6.0.

Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1 + HA it’s a bundle pack comes with Products as follows

SFW  5.1

Veritas Volume Manager

DSM DMP (Dynamic Multipathing)

SFW 5.1 + HA

Veritas Volume Manager

DSM DMP (Dynamic Multipathing)

Veritas Cluster Server

Veritas Volume Replicator

Veritas Global Cluster

Just you need to obtain the correct License keys for enabling the above features in the product, now we will talk on the planning and prerequisites to install this Product and how to do the preparation.

Note : We are working on this Post will add more information to it soon


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