Enjoy Google Cloud Print – Share your Printer to your Friends

Hey Friends

Hope you guys are doing well, today we will discuss about an interesting application by Google – Google Print.

I would say it’s a good alternative of FAX Machines you just need to have internet connectivity

What do you need?

A System which connected to your Printer on your Home Network or Office Network and the system is connected to the internet. Any Type of Printer you can use and it’s completely compatible with Google Print App.

You also need Google Chrome to configure this App

How you need to configure the Printer to Google Print App?

Open your web browser and to this link www.google.com/printer

You need to login with your Gmail account

This link will route you the page where you can manage your cloud printer and take a print of a file


Ok – Now you need to open Google Chrome and login with your google account and after that you need to select the settings option at the top right corner

After that you need to click settings Click Show advance settings

scroll down and click add Printer

Click Add Printer

Move to next setp

after this your Local Printers are visible on Google Printer

 Now to print a document you need to click on print and upload a file to print

You need to select the file you want to print

 Select the file and open

Bingo you can print from any where to you Printer

Also there is a features you can share printer to any of your friend like google docs

Click Share

Add you some one’s email after that he can also shoot a print from anywhere in the world to your printer

Share your feedback thanks