Windows Cluster Course

Windows Cluster Course – This is Course on Windows Failover Cluster Course in Windows Server 2012 and Topics are as follows

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Pay in Indian Rupees 10500/-

Topics Covered

  • Failover-Cluster in Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Introduction to Failover Clustering
  • Intro to Failover Clustering
  • Hardware High Availability
  • Workload High Availability
  • Storage High Availability
  • Guest Clustering
  • Multi-Site Clustering
  • Management High-Availability
  • Cluster Deployment & Upgrade
  • Installation
  • Active Directory Consideration
  • Cluster Validation
  • Cluster Creation
  • Cluster Management
  • Quorums
  • Cluster Upgrade
  • Cluster Networking
  • Cluster Network Infrastructure Fundamentals
  • Cluster Network Design Planning
  • Cluster Network Configuration Options
  • Cluster Storage & Scale-Out File Server
  • Introduction to Cluster Storage
  • Software – Defined Storage
  • Scale-out File Server
  • Multisite Clustering & Disaster Recovery
  • Introduction to Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-Site Clustering
  • Storage Multi-Site Clustering
  • Networking with Multi-Site Clustering
  • Quorum with Multi-Site Clustering
  • Advance Cluster Administration & Troubleshooting
  • Failover Clustering Internals
  • Cluster Events
  • Cluster Logs

Who Should Attend this Cluster Training

IT Professionals who wants build their Skills to Next Level in Windows with Failover Clustering.


Basic Windows Knowledge is Required

Computer with Internet as its a Online Course

What You Need to Bring

Its a Online Class – we will provide Online Link before the Session – We use

Key Take Aways

We Follow Easy Procedure to understand the Topics and also covers day to day activity along with Troubleshooting methods which help you to understand the things… in Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2012. Topics Covered Fill the Form and You will be routed to Content Section