This interesting new for all of us – Microsoft has launched their new server operating system on 4rth Sep 2012.

Windows Server 2012 is now available for purchase and download, Microsoft has worked well to introduce new improved features over Windows Server 2008 R2.  There are bundle of enhancement especially on Virtualization front Product Name is Window Server 2012 Hyper – V.

There are lots of new features on Windows Server 2008

This Operating System is like Windows 8, it uses Metro UI unless you installed and CLI based OS that is Server Core 2012. Server Manager is redesigned, in this version Windows PowerShell has over 2300 command lets and if we compare it from Windows Server 2008 R2 it has only 200 Command Lets and as add on it has command completion feature.

New File System ReFS (Resilient File System) in Windows Server 2012

ReFS uses B+ trees for on disk structure including metadata and file data. Now volumes will have tremendous scalability as the volumes will with 64kb of cluster and that will translate to maximum file size of 16 Exabyte and maximum volume size of 1 Yottabyte. Administrator no need to run CHKDSK on the volume as it provide built in resilience which works on a method of allocation-on-write update strategy for metadata, which will allocate new chunks for every update transaction and uses large IO batches. All ReFS metadata has built-in 64-bit checksums which are stored independently. The file data can have an optional checksum in a separate “integrity stream”, in which case the file update strategy also implements allocation-on-write; this is controlled by a new “integrity” attribute applicable to both files and directories. If nevertheless file data or metadata becomes corrupt, the file can be deleted without taking down the whole volume offline for maintenance and then restored from the backup.

Interesting fact that we can boot OS from ReFS…

So let’s do some self-explorer follow this link