WMIDIAG 2.2 is launched – Know more about WMIDIAG

WMIDIAG 2.2 is launched and then its here with us. I would look forward to do some more testing with tool and let know about wmidiag 2.2.

Wmidiag 2.2 is especially designed for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Server 2012/2012 R2.

Wmidiag 2.2 is a basically Diagnosis Tool which is vbscript based tool and its used for Testing, validating and analysis

WMI Diagnostics 2.2 requires you to have Local Administrator rights as well as Windows Script Host (WSH) enabled.

To download this tool, please click here.

f you want to see its activity, then you would run “cscript WMIDiag.vbs” from the command prompt, or you can change the default script host to the command line by running “cscript //H:CScript”.

Note: By default WMIDiag does not check repository consistency and you would need to run manually from command prompt using “cscript WMIDiag.vbs checkconsistency”

of WMI installation/ issues.
Wmidiag 2.2 can run on Windows explorer or command line tool. When we run WMI tool it generates some files %temp% Directory with specific extension as follows

.LOG file:-   containing all the WMI Diagnosis Tool activity as well as a WMI report at the end.
.TXT file:- containing the WMI Diagnosis Tool report.
.CSV file:- containing statistics that can be used to measure trends and issues.

Type of Codes generated after we run WMIDIAG 2.2 as follows
Code 0 which indicates Success
Code 1 which is Error
Code 2 stands for Warning
Code 3 resembles CLI parameter error
Code 4 is for User Decline

Some important information to know about WMIDIAG 2.2

As of now we don’t get any support from Microsoft for WMIDIAG 2.2.
We can only manage local servers with this tool which results we can run this tool to any other server remotely.
WMIDIAG is a read only tool in result of that we can resolve issues from the tool itself.

Let’s share more about this and also put your queries and will happy to answer.

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